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Improving Your Life Through The Power of Technology


Simplifying Your Life


When you get home from a hard day at work the last thing you want is to spend hours struggling to set up new devices, figure out remotes, update computers, and learn about new devices.

At MCS we specialize in helping you integrate new technology in your life.

So, whether you need to fix a broken phone, learn about a new ipad, or transfer your pictures to a new computer, MCS can help.


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Areas of Practice

Desktop/laptop installation

Whether your new computer is a Mac or a PC, you have a lot to do to get your new computer ready to go. We will help you set up your new computer as well as transfer everything over from your old one so nothing is lost.

Home audio installation

Get theatre quality surround sound in your home with expert installation of home theatre and audio systems.


Label, break down equipment and package. unpackage, setup and test equipment.

phone/tablet repair

Broken screens are a way of life now-but they don’t have to be. Get your screen fixed without sending it away and waiting for weeks. Local screen repair done right.

TV repair/calibration

A TV with issues can be fustrating. Maximize the life of your tv and discover a whole new level of picture quality with expert TV calibration.

device setup and installation

Trying to figure out the latest Ipad, Roku, or other technological device? Stop the frustration. We’ll come over and set the whole thing up.


When you have purchased a device and need someone to sit down and teach you at your own pace. This makes the transition so much easier. You will make the technology work for you.