Mackenzie Computer Services
Improving Your Life Through The Power of Technology


Boosting productivity and increasing profits


Technology now sits at the center of every single business. Is it working for you or against you?

Everything from million dollar manufacturing operations to quaint bed and breakfasts, are run with technology now.

Unfortunately, this critical technology is often nothing but a headache and another problem for you to manage.

  • Installing new software

  • Upgrading hardware

  • Backing up data

  • Setting up secure wireless networks

  • Regular upkeep and maintenance

  • Website consulting


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At MCS, I help business owners just like you streamline their operations, solve their headaches, and improve their profits by turbocharging the technology that powers their business.

Serving Businesses in the Following Areas

Computer setup/installation/Training

Take the headache out of purchasing new computers for your business. Get everything setup the right way the very first time. The need for training on something new can be time consuming.

Network setup/installation

Set up and secure wired and wireless networks connected to all your essential business processes.


Label, break down equipment and package. unpackage, setup and test equipment.

information security

The world is filled with people trying to steal data Protect the sensitive data crucial to your business success easily, seamlessly, simply.

computer repair

Get broken machines fixed without sending them away or waiting days (or weeks) for the repair. Local repair done right.

information storage/backup/Training

Backup all the essential data for your business physically AND digitally to make sure you never lose what you worked so hard to gain. Train you to use it and understand it.

routine maintenance

Running a business is hard enough, don’t let technology make it any harder. Routine maintenance prevents the technological wheels from coming off of your business at the worst time.