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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

I started Mackenzie Computer Services (MCS) because I was tired of watching family and friends struggle with technology.

I have a degree in computer science, love helping people learn to use technology to improve their quality of life, and have more and more people asking me to help with all sorts of different technology issues.

The more I heard exclamations like “Oh! That is how that works!” and “My goodness, you just saved me hours every week!” The more I wanted to help people. 

That is when I started my business. 

Now, I get the joy of watching the eyes of my clients light up when they experience something new for the first time.

Now, I get to sit down with people frustrated and befuddled with the constantly changing technology, walk them through it step by step and watch as they “get it” for the very first time.

Now, I get to help business owners streamline operations, shave hours off of their week, and increase profits by helping them use cutting edge technology to improve their business operations.

This is what MCS is all about.

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